Our Story and new collection teaser

I'm Kate, and this is my story in how I started this business originally back in 2009. Where I got married myself, and one of my biggest things, as you might remember in another video, one of my biggest issues and problems that I had come up with, was my dress. I wanted a wedding dress that was much more colorful than what I was kind of allowed in the rest of my family and kind of everybody involved. Like my partner, for instance, he wanted things much more traditional.

So I end up going with not necessarily the dress that I wanted, I didn't have the resources at the time to even recreate the Gwen Stefani gown, where it's that beautiful pink ombre dip dress from the bottom, and then it went up to white at the top. That was my other plan I wanted if I couldn't have the color dress that's what I wanted to have. But a lot of the bridal boutiques that I worked with and visited; they didn't know how to ... let me back up. They know how to do that, but it was only in these very specific pastel colors, and my wedding was all these bright colorful colors, you know? My bridesmaid's color, this was my accent color, this royal blue and then I had aqua, and my flowers were white and orange.

So, I mean, it was colorful, with aqua and orange and this blue was not in their standard colors that they offer for dipping a gown in. So that was kind of a bummer. And I had to come up with ways to bring that part of my style into my look, and I had requested one of my bridesmaids, who just happens to be a fashion designer, to basically embellish my veil. Because I didn't really know what else to do, and so she added some fun feather and some rhinestones, and she took part of her actual dress, the inside lining that was not needed, and she just put it in there and just gave it a bit of color. Which was fun, it gave my wedding look some personality and I loved it.

And it was something that I saw right then and there that I'm like, "How many other brides are like me? Where we want to have more fun and color, and personality, still keep the romance and the glamor-ness of all of that, and still have all of it, but just ... how else can I get that in my dress, in my look for the day?" So, I started making veils. And I was adding color, but it was tulle so it wasn't as intense as some of the other opaque fabric underneath, you know? So, it was a little lighter, a little more subtle. And then sometimes I'd have flowers if the brides wanted flowers, and some crystals or something, and some extra color, mixed in with white and ivory.

And that worked really well, especially bachelorette party veils. And then I started getting requests for customized garters because not everybody just wants a little ribbon garter or just a standard lace one. So, I started making them more colorful, with feathers and fringe, and it just became ... it was a lot of fun, but they were more special requests, you know, and one of a kind pieces. It was nothing that I ever tried to expand and actually sell to a larger group of people.

And so I then went and actually took a break from making accessories for brides. I was working at a day job at the time, just life kind of took over where I started having kids, and then at one point I went back into work pushing towards my professional career and not really doing much of this creative work. Until I worked for a bridal boutique store in Berkeley, California, and the owner was like, "Girl, you're hella creative and crafty, why don't you start making these rhinestone sashes for our brides?" And I'm like, "Sure," and I started getting the materials, and I found some ribbons that I really liked, sparkly of course.

And they sold really, really well, like hotcakes. And then I just started doing that and they just sold like gangbusters, like crazy in the store. And even a little bit online, but I've also noticed too that I'm at this point in the business where I want to expand out of that collection, and kind of create something new and current. Because here's the thing, ladies, is that trends, bridal trends, they do shift and change every two, maybe three years. Like really. I know, you're like, "Wait a minute, the actual foundation of the style of the dress does not change." You’re right, doesn’t change, it's ballgowns, a-lines, mermaids, trumpets, sheaths, those are all the same, and continuous, season after season, year after year, decade after decade.

That stays the same. It's the details, whether it's the deep V neck or the low back, or it's one shoulder, or over the shoulder, or if we have to do the high neck, or if you're doing more crepe with no lace. No train, dramatic train, you know, I mean there's just so many different details out there... it's the details that really change and update the dresses, right, and the looks. Even though the foundation of the cut and style of the dress stays the same.

So what does this mean, right? Brides today are now looking more into combination of the crepe dresses with a little bit of lace, and not so much full lace head to toe as they did for years and years. Bohemian is no longer becoming the most desired look for brides, they're looking for something that's actually much more, I don't want to say ... more complementarily to their actual bodies, and instead of trying to match their dress to their venue. And I think that's ... that's a whole another video because I've got opinions on that.

And so some things that are happening too are these much more fun and kind of romantic details, like those little poufy sleeves, right, that are still over the shoulder. Gorgeous. Love them, even some of them that are short and kind of flutter, but they're not the flutter lace ones, it's like this tulle one that sticks out and is more playful, right? And then you have those really beautiful detachable skirts made out of tulle, typically. And they're just gorgeous, and literally, they sit at your hip, and they can be the train of your dress, and it's detachable, and then you don't have to worry about having to bustle a train later on for your reception. Awesome.

So those are some more current trends, and I polled a bunch of brides on social media and I said "Ladies, tell me, what do you wish you could have? If money was not a problem, and if you didn't have those overly opinionated family/friends, right, what do you desire to have for your wedding day? What do you want? How do you want to look, and feel, on your wedding day?" And I had over 40 + brides vote telling me their secret wedding day look desires. And so, guess what? I heard you. And that's what I'm going to make for you. Because I feel that these collections should be based on, really, what the bride wants and needs for her wedding day. So, let's just say you fell in love with a dress that doesn't have either one of those, does that mean that you can't have them for your wedding day? No. F that. F it.

Let's get you those pieces, let's get you to look exactly how you dream to be. Because I feel that ... it can be difficult to get something like that, if you can't afford to have the dress, or if that designer is not available in a store or boutique near you. I mean that's just not fair; I think every bride; I truly believe every bride should have the look that she wants to have. Plain and simple, you know? Style should never be ... what's the word, can't think of it now, maybe I have to edit this part out, oh maybe I won't. But I just feel like style should never be compromised, you should never change it because of all these different circumstances in your life.

That's just not fair. You should be able to be who you are, who you want to be, how you want to present yourself, no matter what. I don't think anybody else should dictate that you know? So, if you fell in love with this gorgeous Lazaro mermaid gown, get it. Don't worry girl, I got your back. I'll get you your sleeves because you didn't have them with the gown, it doesn't come with the gown, so what? I got you. I got you, guurl, I am helping you out.

I want to be there for you, I want to help you out with this because I felt like I just didn't have the support. You know what I mean? As gorgeous as my gown was on my wedding day, and I was told I was super fly, you know, but again, I always felt deep down that it just wasn't right. You just make decisions and have to move forward and move on in your wedding. You just have to.