News flash! Choose a gown that YOU LOVE and makes you feel beautiful, not what is considered best for your shape.

Wedding gown styles ballgown mermaid high neck

Hey what’s up? Are you finding it difficult to pick between different wedding dress style for your wedding? Do you want me to help? Check this out, I have outlined every major wedding dress styles with their differences.

Babe, am going to show you what kind of emotion each dress can make you feel, just feel free to pick which one you love and flow with the most, we in this togetherJ

A-Line Wedding Dress

Have you heard about the A-line  style wedding dress? Baby this wedding dress is so beautiful and fabulous on all body types; the waist begins from right under your boobs. With its completely figure flattering style for any beautiful bride, it’s a choice for a bride who wants more coverage and still display a hint of style and sexiness.

The Mermaid Wedding Dress

OMG gurl! Do you know the mermaid wedding dress is the perfect wedding dress for showing off your sexy shape with its curve and hugging fitness to the body? It flares below the knee creating a fabulous mermaid tail shape skirt. The mermaid dress is defined as sleek, simple, sexy and glamorous.               

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Do you remember Cinderella from Disney world? I mean do you remember the Gown the fairy God mother made for her? That’s the perfect definition of The Ball Gown, Babe its so perfect for brides who have the killer upper body shape, the skirt of the gown doesn’t display the shape of you waist and leg cuz it’s bogus but it doesn’t hide how beautiful you can be in this gown. It make you feel like the fairy tale bride getting married to her prince but this time it’ll be in the real world.

The Sheath/Column Wedding Dress

Hey hay, there’s also the perfect wedding dress for your athletic and lean shape, babe, this perfectly fits all body shape and it’s for brides who want easy movement, The Column wedding dress is very light, which is perfect for brides planning to show-off a few dance steps for her wedding, and if you can dance, cheers to that, I can’t wait to watch you explore yourself in your Sheath Dress.

The Trumpet Wedding Dress

Check this out Gurl, the difference between The trumpet and Mermaid isn’t always noticeable but for a bride who knows what she wants, she can spot the different, the Trumpet’s flare begin from the mid-thigh, so to some extent it looks like the mermaid cuz guuurrl you going to look absolutely sexy in it with all your features on the edge of display.

The Modified Mermaid Wedding Dress

Hey Baby Bride, just in case the mermaid doesn’t satisfy you enough, check out the modified mermaid version, just a little difference in line and beginning of the flare, it displays the bride’s sexiness with a perfect mermaid dress below the knees and touching the floor.

The Fit ‘n Flare Wedding Dress

Gurl if you want a spectacular wedding dress, get the Fit ‘n Flare wedding dress, with its awesome design and style and flare to the bottom, it’ll perfectly display you as the smart and sexy bride. Fit ‘n Flare’s flare begins at the mid-thigh, with its super fitting shape for every bride to feel smart, sexy and beautiful.