Guurl, let's talk dresses, YOUR wedding dress.


OMGAAAWWD!!!! Your wedding is in 9 months; I can’t wait for you to start making the preparations, especially when you have to start checking out dresses, I wouldn’t want to miss that for anything in the world.

What every bride wants for her wedding is the perfect dress, a dress that’ll make her feel fabulous all through the day and trust me sista you want to have Cinderella moment with your man in that dress.

Gurl trust me, you want to pick a dress that will flatter you all throughout the day considering how memorable you want this to get.

Hey hay, first of all you need to pick a kick-ass tailor cuz we just have to make your dress look unique and outstanding.

Have you picked an appointment for your wedding? Have you checked out wedding dresses? Babe it’s really important you have different styles of beautiful wedding dresses you want to try on before the day of you appointment.

Your wedding dress has to be super-fly because you will want to take hella photos that day. The dress, your dress will be setting the theme of the wedding that day, cuz in every wedding the bride’s dress is always the topic of the town and babe I really want to brag about how beautiful your dress is.

Your wedding is suppose to be about you, make you feel special, make you feel unique and make you feel like you own the day but this only starts with your dress, a girl’s dress is the way to her heart, how beautiful she looks on her wedding day and how glamorous her wedding day is can be one of her happiest moments in her life.

Tho wedding preparations can be hella stressful especially checking out for the best dresses and attending tailors appointments on different days but in the end the perfect dress always make a girl feel fulfilled.

Guess what babe? Your wedding dress isn’t all you have to worry about, YEAH! You also have to worry about your bridal train cuz that’ll add to the beauty of the day, picking colors is not always easy; merging colors that blend’s with the event and fits perfectly with the style of the event, that’s why you guys need to get the perfect tailor, the looks of bridal train is really important to the bride because they also have to look glamorous, she’ll be taking almost every picture with them that day starting from the photoshots.

 Baby girl we can’t settle for a shitty wedding dress to save a few $100.00 dollars, your dress is going to be the first and last unique dress your friends are going to celebrate with you before you move into that dude’s house and I know you wouldn’t want to disappoint them and you’ll want to make a mark on them about that dress and make them talk about how awesome you looked on that day for like forever.

Your wedding is the way you celebrate yourself getting married to someone you love with your dearest friends and families, your wedding dress is what is going to make you look special among them on that day and trust me babe, the best and latest style of wedding dress is always the talk on every girls book for a long time.